Divad’s Soundtrack #32: May-June 2001

This is the last mix that was made during my first long-term relationship. A lot of the songs represent the longing I felt at the time to make it work and my ill-advised attempts to patch it all together. Yet, when I go back and listen to these songs, instead of reliving a lot of anguish over how it all slipped through my fingers, I instead recall the growing satisfaction with solitude that I was beginning to learn back then. A lot of my happiest moments in those days were spent by myself. Some were prayerful, some were exploratory, and some were just plain relaxing. Some of these songs were the ones that helped to prepare me for a difficult process of letting go.

In with the New:
The Benjamin Gate
Kevin Max (as a solo artist – appears earlier with dc Talk)
Sandra McCracken

Out with the Old:
Katy Hudson
Kendall Payne
Smalltown Poets

It Was Worth a Try:
Smash Mouth

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