Haim – Something to Tell You: Baby, it’s about time!

2017_Haim_SomethingtoTellYouArtist: Haim
Album: Something to Tell You
Year: 2017
Grade: B

In Brief: No shocking changes here – the Haim sisters stick largely to what worked on their first album. There might be a few more slick R&B grooves and guitar solos that sneak up on you, and that helps to keep this from feeling like a total retread of Days Are Gone. Still, that album is slightly better song-for-song than this one.

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My Morning Jacket – The Waterfall: Mostly on the right side of that thin line between loving it and wasting my time.

2015_MyMorningJacket_TheWaterfallArtist: My Morning Jacket
Album: The Waterfall
Year: 2015
Grade: B+

In Brief: The most musically unified and consistently enjoyable album I’ve heard from MMJ thus far. It doesn’t jump all over the place musically as much as their last two records, but it still has a strong 70s folk rock/jam bad/psychedelic vibe, and I love it all the more due to how committed they are to that aesthetic this time around.

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Kimbra – The Golden Echo: Came back in a year and it just felt different.

2014_Kimbra_TheGoldenEchoArtist: Kimbra
Album: The Golden Echo
Year: 2014
Grade: B

In Brief: A bold, dense, and sometimes downright bizarre album that throws everything but the kitchen sink at the type of music a singer born at the beginning of the 90s loved during her childhood. Fans of Vows might find it tough to swallow at first, but don’t cry “sellout”, because even at some of its poppiest moments, The Golden Echo is more concerned with making art than with finding an easy route to the charts.

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Kimbra – Vows: Open up your heart, and let her eclectic soul pull you in.

2012_Kimbra_VowsArtist: Kimbra
Album: Vows
Year: 2011 (re-released in 2012)
Grade: B+

In Brief: A melodically rich, thrillingly nostalgic, and bizarrely eclectic concoction of an album that, though imperfect in both of its forms, marks a formidable debut for a promising young artist.

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