Coyote Kid – The Skeleton Man: Death comes free of charge, but I want to look the part.

Artist: Coyote Kid
Album: The Skeleton Man
Year: 2019
Grade: A-

In Brief: A deliciously dark and righteously ragged song cycle about beating Death at his own game. It certainly won’t be for everybody, but I can say with all honesty that the band formerly known as Marah in the Mainsail has surpassed my already high expectations by delivering the most exciting rock record of 2019.

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Marah in the Mainsail – Bone Crown: I guess the title “Beast Epic” was already taken.


Artist: Marah in the Mainsail
Album: Bone Crown
Year: 2017
Grade: B+

In Brief: A fascinatingly dark concept album, whose tale of animals vying for control of the forest is told in a gritty, muscular indie folk/rock style that shows more vocal and instrumental diversity than Marah’s first record. Every listen reveals something new.

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