Lovebites – Clockwork Immortality: I won’t become a doll you control.

Artist: Lovebites
Album: Clockwork Immortality
Year: 2018
Grade: B+

In Brief: This all-female power metal band from Japan may not have reinvented the genre in any meaningful way, but they play the hell out of their instruments and have a ton of fun doing it. At the end of the day, I can’t fault them for that – especially when the end result puts such a massive smile on my face.

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Evanescence: End of the Dream, or, Evanescence Falls into a Bottomless Pit of Clichés


Artist: Evanescence
Album: Evanescence
Year: 2011
Grade: C-

In Brief: Thoroughly average outside of a few fleeting moments of excitement. I defended Evanescence back when everyone thought they were formulaic in the old days, but now I no longer can.

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