Lifehouse – Out of the Wasteland: I sure hope that title’s not a reference to your last album.

2015_Lifehouse_OutoftheWastelandArtist: Lifehouse
Album: Out of the Wasteland
Year: 2015
Grade: B

In Brief: At first glance, this appears to be a return to the same-old same-old as a knee-jerk reaction against the negative feedback they got when they tried to change up their sound on Almería. But look a little deeper, and there are some really well-written songs that don’t fit the expected Lifehouse mold. There just aren’t enough of them to win the band any new fans this late in the game.

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Lifehouse – Almería: Andalusian Standoff

2012_Lifehouse_AlmeriaArtist: Lifehouse
Album: Almería
Year: 2012
Grade: B+

In Brief: I’m guessing Almería won’t sit well with long-time Lifehouse fans, but I consider it a welcome reinvention for a band who desperately needed a change.

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Divad’s Soundtrack #46: September-October 2003

The fall of 2003 was quite possibly the most turbulent couple of months I’d been through since the summer and fall of 2001. While there were enjoyable occasions – a bit of traveling here, a few concerts there, and lots of time spent with our new Sedaqah Group – I could tell that a difficult decision might be looming ahead of me.

In with the New:
Cool Hand Luke
Mat Kearney

Out with the Old:
Sandra McCracken

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Divad’s Soundtrack #36: January-February 2002

January 2002 was an important month in my life, because it was when Christine – the one from Hawaii who I would end up marrying – sent the fateful IM that served as our first online contact with one another.

In with the New:
Remy Zero
Fernando Ortega
Mac Powell (as a solo artist – appears previously with Third Day)

Out with the Old:
Kepano Green

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