Divad’s Soundtrack #62: May-June 2006

One of my favorite memories from the early years of our marriage is all the places Christine, who was still relatively new to Southern California and seeing it through different eyes than I always had, found for us to explore together. For some reason I seem to romanticize the idea of exploration, of filling in a previously unknown spot on the map that most of the people you know might not know anything about, and sharing that new experience together. Ten years later, I still haven’t lost my excitement about that, but new places like those have become harder to find, so I tend to look back with fond nostalgia at the “innocence” of finding out for the first time that some of these beautiful places were tucked away, far from the typical overcrowded tourist spots.

In with the New:
The Violet Burning
Rosanne Cash
Belle & Sebastian

Out with the Old:
Shaun Groves
The Corrs
Charlie Hall
Dean Gray

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Divad’s Soundtrack #10: January-March 1997

1997 would prove to be a tough year for me. There was a disappointing failed attempt to return to Joshua Tree for Spring Break (a trip which I helped to plan and didn’t even get to go on), further distance between me and a close friend due a crush that just wouldn’t go away, and just a lot of tough questions I would ask myself as I sat in my philosophy and creative writing classes and played metaphysical mind games with myself. Not that it was the classes’ fault – they were just exploring the thoughts of different writers, not trying to tell us definitively that any of their writings were true. It was another way to get to questions that I needed to ask, I guess. And while the weather got lighter and summer approached again, the darkest times were, in many ways, still to come in the months ahead.

In with the New:
Sarah Jahn

Out with the Old:
Crystal Lewis
Rich Mullins

It Was Worth a Try:
Blues Traveler

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