Lisa Hannigan – At Swim: My Place of Clear Water

2016_lisahannigan_atswimArtist: Lisa Hannigan
Album: At Swim
Year: 2016
Grade: B

In Brief: A mellow, soothing, and at times hauntingly beautiful collection of songs. Lisa’s hushed indie folk approach is subtle enough, and her lyrics are abstract enough, that her songs might not impress you right away, but they set the perfect mood for a rainy day spent curled up with a book or a late night de-stressing session.

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U2 – Songs of Innocence: Embrace your youth. (Wait, Larry, I didn’t mean that literally!)

2014_U2_SongsofInnocenceArtist: U2
Album: Songs of Innocence
Year: 2014
Grade: B

In Brief: A lyrical walk down memory lane doesn’t mean a wholesale return to U2’s old sound or lyrical style, but there’s a good mix of classic U2 and oddball experiments here, and even if not everything works, it might be their most consistent record since the 90s.

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