Robert Randolph & The Family Band – Brighter Days: Calling all crazy, come get in line!

Artist: Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Album: Brighter Days
Year: 2019
Grade: B-

In Brief: You know what you’re listening to these guys for – explosive pedal steer guitar playing, feel-good Gospel, soul and funk choruses, and the occasional chill slow jam. Don’t go in expecting anything profound from the lyrics – in fact, pay no attention to them all if you like! – and you’ll probably have a blast.

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Hidden Figures – The Album: They Want the Moon, I’m on Mars.


Artist: Various Artists
Album: Hidden Figures: The Album
Year: 2016
Grade: B-

In Brief: The rare movie tie-in album that I enjoy both as a listening experience in and of itself, and as a strong reminder of key scenes in the film that inspired it. Despite a few moments that fall flat or don’t seem to relate directly to the film’s plot, Pharrell Williams did a pretty good job writing and arranging these songs, and picking the right female voices to bring most of them to life.

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