Obsessive Year-End List Fest 2013: Favorite Songs

It’s time to kick off my yearly obsession with counting things that it really makes no sense to put in order. More detailed write-ups on the full lengths albums that captivated me this year are to follow, but for now, here’s a haphazard list I’ve compiled of 100 songs that moved me this year… some physically, some emotionally, some both.

For those who’d like to follow along and listen to some of my picks, I’ve compiled a playlist (limited to one song per artist, because it’s crazy long enough already), that hits a lot of the year’s highlights, in roughly the order I came to discover them.
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Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream: Party Like It’s Nineteen Eighty… Seventy… Something.


Artist: Empire of the Sun
Album: Walking on a Dream
Year: 2008
Grade: C+

In Brief: Hook-heavy, nostalgic pop music that manages to be enjoyable despite its inherent goofiness. Your enjoyment of this album will probably be inversely proportional to how seriously you assume these two guys take themselves.

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