Delirious? – King of Fools: So Naïve that it’s Wise.

1997_Delirious_KingofFoolsArtist: Delirious?
Album: King of Fools
Year: 1997 (UK) / 1998 (US)
Grade: B

In Brief: For a fifteen-year-old album by an often-misunderstood “worship band” in a style that’s been done to death since then, King of Fools holds up surprisingly well.

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The Best of the Ought Nots, Part IV: 21-40

We’re approaching the top of the list now. Everything here is solid “A grade” material that got nothing but a glowing recommendation when I reviewed it… and most of it has only improved with age.
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Divad’s Soundtrack #77: November-December 2008

I was really optimistic at the end of 2008. It had been a tough year, but things appeared to be changing for the better. Still, I think I was more aware of a lot of the turmoil in the world around me than I had been before. I can sort of see a cycle in these songs that I picked back then, which starts out with hope – perhaps hope that was placed in imperfect humans who meant well but couldn’t fix everything we wanted them to fix all at once – and then it moves into a sequence of frustration, jadedness and cynicism, fear, conflict, war, and even death. Ultimately, with the arrival of the Christmas season, it comes right back around to hope again… but it’s tempered with a lot more grace and patience and wisdom than the first time around.

Out with the Old:
Jaci Velasquez
Sanctus Real

It Was Worth a Try:
Annie Moses Band

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Divad’s Soundtrack #74: May-June 2008

The spring and late summer of 2008 saw me finally getting into a couple of bands that I’d been on the fence about for several years, but wasn’t quite in the right headspace to fully appreciate until they dropped new records that year. As I look back on the set of songs I chose for this particular soundtrack, I’m noticing a theme of wanting to fly away or escape from some sort of captivity in a handful of the songs on Disc One, while Disc Two dives deeper into disillusionment with hypocritical leaders, and with the “prosperity Gospel” I was still trying to shake of the last vestiges of as I was confronted by issues of poverty and marginalized groups that had been treated poorly by the Church. Heavy stuff, though I saved a few lighter songs of “romantic gratitude” for the end, just to conclude the set peacefully. There’s also a pair of songs about counting, and a number of songs that switch between 3/4 and 4/4 time, which was apparently a thing I was really into at the time.

In with the New:
After Edmund

Out with the Old:
Steven Delopoulos (as a solo artist – appears later with Burlap to Cashmere)
Five O’Clock People

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Divad’s Soundtrack #73: March-April 2008

As always, it’s interesting to look back on these homemade compilations many years later and see if any themes emerge. The spring of 2008 was a pretty happy time in my life, so these songs aren’t tied to personal experiences per se. But I can tell that I was mulling over some heavier themes. Like what God would have to say about American Christianity’s relationship to the rest of the world. Or how I would know as a parent when to protect a child from experiencing emotional pain and when to let them go ahead and learn the lesson on their own. Or whether love was more of a feeling or a conscious choice. Or the joy of a two-minute punk song. (That last one’s not a particularly heavy theme. It was just a fun observation.)

In with the New:
The Myriad
Drive-By Truckers
Vampire Weekend

Out with the Old:
Olivia the Band
Andrea Corr (as a solo artist – appears later with The Corrs)
Corrinne May

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Divad’s Soundtrack #61: March-April 2006

Spring 2006. Lots of rain that winter made for good hiking in those months. Life was relatively free from turmoil as far as I can remember, so a lot of the songs I chose for this mix, particularly on Disc One, instead identified with the difficulties others around me were going through. Disc Two has a more drawn-out set of mellow songs to wind it down than my mixes usually do, which may reflect my more peaceful state of mind at the time, though it’s in sharp contrast with the heavier material at the beginning of that disc. Figuring out how to transition between the various moods on these soundtracks is a puzzle that I will never completely solve.

In with the New:
Jack Johnson
The Listening
Justis Kao
Dean Gray

Out with the Old:
Mark Schultz
Fernando Ortega

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Divad’s Soundtrack #60: January-February 2006

There are certain years in my life that I’m heavily nostalgic for. Just seeing the number “2006” brings a flood of memories back, most of them incredibly happy ones. It’s not the only such year, but it’s the example that comes to mind most readily when I ponder which year’s been by favorite so far. It was the first year that Christine and I really got to settle in as newlyweds, with big dreams but no pressure to make big plans in the near-term future, and with the stress that lingered throughout most of 2005 finally gone, this to me is where the “honeymoon” truly started on a more emotional level.

In with the New:
KT Tunstall

Out with the Old:
Bethany Dillon
Ken Oak Band
Nichole Nordeman
Chris Tomlin

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