Divad’s Soundtrack #33: July-August 2001

This is the dreaded “post-breakup” mix. It’s actually one of my favorites, because while I could have taken it in an unapologetically depressed and angry direction (and I did give into those emotions here and there), there’s actually a sense of hope and even a slight hint of excitement at the chance to start over that emerges as the second disc winds down. Even in my darkest hour, I was somehow convinced that there would be better days ahead.

In with the New:
Michelle Branch
Matchbox Twenty
Circadian Rhythm
Dixie Chicks

Out with the Old:
Ceili Rain

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Divad’s Soundtrack #27: July-August 2000

This mix demonstrates how my music collection began to explode as I started to use Napster more and more to explore music that I might not have been willing to buy without hearing it first. This revolutionized the way that I listened to music, with the mp3 format making it a lot more portable (a good thing given the traveling I did that summer, often with burned CD-Rs or tapes recorded from those in tow), and with my overall philosophy changing in terms of musicians and genres I was willing to give a chance.

In with the New:
Relient K
John Reuben
Kendall Payne
Rachael Lampa
Riley Armstrong
Collective Soul
Phil Joel (as a solo artist – appears earlier with Newsboys)

Out with the Old:
The W’s

It Was Worth a Try:
Stereo Deluxx

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Divad’s Soundtrack #22: August-September 1999

This is the soundtrack from my “poor days” – I left camp in July with a sense of a dream and a calling, and got hit with harsh reality in August (relationship troubles) and September (a frantic and seemingly fruitless job search that made me face the reality than I was running out of money with no one to fall back on). It was one of the most difficult and scary periods of my life, but looking back, I can see the seeds being planted which would blossom into the things I’m now comfortable with and thankful for as part of my adult life.

In with the New:
Chasing Furies

Out with the Old:
Eric Champion
This Train

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