The New Pornographers – Brill Bruisers: There Is Another West Much Wilder.


Artist: The New Pornographers
Album: Brill Bruisers
Year: 2014
Grade: B

In Brief: Easily their most fun record since Twin Cinema almost 10 years ago. I love how energetic this record is and how the shared lead vocals on several tracks add to the sense of camaraderie. There might be one or two clunkers, but amidst 13 tracks, they’ve got a little room to fiddle around.

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The New Pornographers – Together: Newer Porn Vs. Old Porn


Artist: The New Pornographers
Album: Together
Year: 2010
Grade: B-

In Brief: Twin Cinema‘s still their high-water mark. I see Together as kind of a synthesis between that and the more experimental Challengers, with hints of the old days thrown in.

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The New Pornographers – Twin Cinema: New Porn Vs. Old Porn


Artist: The New Pornographers
Album: Twin Cinema
Year: 2005
Grade: B+

In Brief: A wildly fun roller coaster ride of bizarre thoughts and part-manic, part-textured performances. Twin Cinema is The New Pornographers’ best work thus far.

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The Best of the Ought Nots, Part III: 41-60

We’ve reached the midpoint of my personal hit list now – at some point in the 40’s is where we cross the threshold from the material bubbling just under the “5 star” barrier, to the material that I feel fully earned the highest marks in each glowing review that I wrote. The higher up we go, the more unbridled my joy in going back and revisiting the great music that the 2000’s had to offer.

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The Best of 2009: Now Departing for Stockholm, Hawaii, New Orleans, and Points Inland

The end of 2009 is upon us, friends. It was a year that many of us didn’t look forward to, already knowing to expect financial woes and potential job losses (if not already realized ones) going into it – a year where the unexpected road ahead seemed to promise more hardship than exciting new possibilities to explore. but a poor year for the world was a rich year for music – either because artists channelled their angst into some of the best songs they’d ever written, or because more and more of them were jumping ship on the big labels and finding freedom to go where their imaginations would take them even if the audiences weren’t as big as a result. Some found artful ways to downsize while others played it as over-the-top as they could in defiance of expectations. In the end, it was a more exciting year than I could have anticipated, one that has left me with a lot to look forward to.

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Divad’s Soundtrack #80: May-June 2009

If you were to listen to this mix that I made in the summer of 2009, and take the songs as literal indicators of what I was going through at the time, you might assume that I had gone on a post-apocalyptic road trip, gotten lost at sea, enlisted in a foreign war, and became very, very convinced that I was going to die soon. None of those things actually happened, but the music told such vivid stories that I felt intrigued, even downright moved, by what a lot of the characters in these songs were going through. I remember this as a generally happy phase of my life, and I’m immediately transported back to that happy vibe by the opening songs on Disc One. But I was having some issues with insomnia at the time, as well as a resulting loss of appetite and general malaise that followed it most mornings. The final songs on the second disc are the ones that most honestly address that feeling of knowing I wasn’t in the healthiest place physically, and wanting to reach out for help and make some genuine changes to keep it from getting worse.

In with the New:
Grizzly Bear

Out with the Old:
The Listening

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