Lost in the Trees – A Church that Fits Our Needs: So sing your hymn of faith, ’cause I have none.

Artist: Lost in the Trees
Album: A Church that Fits Our Needs
Year: 2012
Grade: B

In Brief: Due to the topic of suicide, this won’t be an easy listen for most folks, but it is ultimately a beautiful and touching meditation on a mother’s passing.

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P.O.D. – Murdered Love: The Sacred and the Profane

2012_POD_MurderedLoveArtist: P.O.D.
Album: Murdered Love
Year: 2012
Grade: C-

In Brief: “I Am” might attract all the controversy with its “f-bombs”, but it’s far from the worst thing about an album that shows promise at first, then takes a nosedive.

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Of Monsters and Men – My Head Is an Animal: We’re far from home, all alone, but we’re so happy.

2012_OfMonstersandMen_MyHeadIsanAnimalArtist: Of Monsters and Men
Album: My Head Is an Animal
Year: 2011 (re-released 2012)
Grade: A

In Brief: There’s nothing scary about this Icelandic band, but they do wield some monstrous hooks. I may have belatedly stumbled upon the best new band of 2012.

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Andrew Peterson – Light for the Lost Boy: Not all who grow older are lost.

2012_AndrewPeterson_LightfortheLostBoyArtist: Andrew Peterson
Album: Light for the Lost Boy
Year: 2012
Grade: B+

In Brief: I’m too partial to Peterson’s early efforts to call this his best, but this may be his most fully realized album. It’s a commendable artistic rebirth for a veteran songwriter.

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